If you were given a pop quiz asking you to define the Gospel how would you answer the question? Would you answer with a personal testimony about how you became of Christian? Would you write about how long you have been a member of your local church? Would you need a bit more clarification on what the question means? This is a question that many Christians tend to stumble over because they are unaccustomed to being asked in this manner. If someone asks them about salvation, they might respond more quickly. If someone asks, “how did you come to Jesus?,” they might feel more comfortable answering the question. But when asked to explain the Gospel, many Christians struggle, in part because they are not accustomed to this approach. For those who could readily give some answer to the question, “What is the Christian Gospel?” they often can only recite that Jesus died and rose again. This answer is correct, but there is so much more that could be said about Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, and many Christians simply do not know much more to say. Yet, there is much more to say about the Gospel and we should spend our lives seeking to learn it. There is so much more to the Gospel and the way to learn is through the Holy Scriptures, the Bible. This is a invitation to dive deep into the depths of the Christian Gospel. First Corinthians 15:1-11 is an excellent place to begin.

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